Thursday, July 27, 2006


One of my patients died today. They coded him and brought him back to life, but just barely...and I'm not even sure they should have. He is very sick. Multiorgan failure, especially his heart and his liver. It is from the chemotherapy he recieved as a child for his lymphoma. He isn't much longer for this world. Even he knew it. He said something this morning to one of the nurses about God not being able to help him through this anymore. He is the sweetest little ten year old, too. He speaks only Spanish. This morning he was sucking on a popcicle and telling jokes to him mother. Now he is intubated and sedated and all hooked up to all sorts of lines and he'll probably never get to say goodbye to mama. It breaks my heart. His heart stopped this morning and they should have simply let him go; it was time. And now, he has longer to suffer and fear. I wish none of it had ever happened.


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